Supporting Local Women as Agents of Change

Monday, March 13, 2017 8:00 am PDT


Alicia Procello Maddox, President, Avery Dennison Foundation

Sometimes the best way we can make a difference as a corporate foundation is to partner with a global NGO on a highly structured, far-reaching initiative. But we can also effect change by simply giving a grassroots organization the resources they need to tackle local problems in an innovative way — problems that, in many cases, wouldn’t otherwise be addressed. Supporting local organizations is also the strategy of Global Greengrants Fund, which we’re proud to be supporting with a two-year grant.

Island of Tansin, Honduras

Through our grant, we’re funding seven female-led grantees working on issues of environmental sustainability and women’s empowerment—two of the Avery Dennison Foundation’s priority areas. The grants will support women improving communities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific Islands.

Our grant is already at work on Tansin, an island quilted with jungle and savanna in Northeast Honduras. Most of Tansin’s 50,000 inhabitants are indigenous Miskito. Most live in villages accessible only by boat or plane and depend on subsistence farming for survival. Deforestation from large-scale agriculture, along with increasingly erratic weather, threaten the community’s survival.Island of Tansin, Honduras

While many local Miskita women work as farmers, they tend to make less money and have less access to food than men because they lack access to land, seeds, technology, financial services, and a voice in politics. Our grant is helping the Women’s Association of Tansin eradicate that disparity by teaching women about sustainable farming and forest management. The group will train women in crop diversification, integrating tree conservation into farming practices, and serving the tourist trade.

Through these trainings, local women will become more economically independent and implement sustainable ways of making a living. The Women’s Association of Tansin expects that 92 local households will benefit from the project, totaling more than 600 people.

Sometimes change happens one person, one household, one community at a time. Often, these changes are driven by women. Like Global Greengrants Fund, we believe investing in opportunities for women pays tremendous dividends for the entire community. We’re proud to support women in Tansin and elsewhere through our grant to Global Greengrants Fund.

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Alicia Procello Maddox