Superhero Porsche 991 GT3 Wrapped in Avery Dennison MPI 1105

Friday, September 9, 2016 11:55 am PDT


Danny Cruz, KI Studios

Here we have a rather special Porsche 991 GT3. This car is special because it is one of five luxury sports cars wrapped in a superhero theme for a non-profit organization. The wrap was printed on Avery Dennison MPI 1105 Easy Apply RS™ vinyl with DOL 1060Z overlaminate.

2015 Porsche 991 GT3

The car is a 2015 Porsche 991 GT3 that came all the way from Texas to KI Studios in San Diego, California. The superhero of choice is Deadpool, the controversial superhero that’s in the spotlight at the moment. The non-profit organization is the Taylor Lynn Foundation. The fundraiser is being held to provide micro-grants to kids in need. The timeframe was to be the week of goldRush Rally 8, dubbed #GR8TEST. The fundraiser was a total success as tens of thousands of dollars were raised between the five cars during the week of the rally.
Now let’s look at what made the wrap a complete success from printing to installation to removal.
The Avery Dennison MPI 1105 Easy Apply RS™ vinyl was printed using our Roland VS540 large scale printer using the CMYKcmWTMT inkset. The printed vinyl was laminated with Avery Dennison DOL 1060Z.

The Installation

2015 Porsche 991 GT3

We noticed various features of MPI 1105 that we really liked. For example, the vinyl repositions nicely without premature sticking. The air-release is smooth and we didn’t have any problems with trapped bubbles.
The DOL 1060 is a 2mil overlaminate. Even though the thinner 1.3 series overlaminate would have been easier to stretch, we liked the thicker material for this particular project. The car was traveling long distances and through pretty harsh environments. The extra thickness helps with durability as well as adds a bit more protection to the paint underneath. Even with the thicker lamination, we were satisfied with the amount of stretch it provided. We did post-heat the edges to ensure it all stayed in place.
The Deadpool Porsche 991 GT3 travelled 3,000 miles of freeway, dirt desert roads and even snow while going up Pike’s Peak. It also did two long race track days - one of them at the F1 track, Circuit of the Americas, in Texas. These conditions are pretty harsh on wraps and paint. That said, we were impressed with how well the wrap held up during that harsh treatment. The wrap probably took a year’s worth of abuse in just three weeks. The car got cleaned and even did another event or two after its return from Boston. It looked great the entire time. Now it was time to take the wrap off.

The Removal

2015 Porsche 991 GT3

The removal of the wrap was an easy task. In total, it took two hours to remove, including a post detail. There was zero glue left behind. The sides and the bumpers removed very easily with no heat applied. The hood, roof and engine deck lid took a bit more work. Even so, a clothes steamer made short work of the upper parts of the wrap. Granted, the wrap was only on for a few weeks. Regardless, we’d only expect a bit more use of the steamer and maybe another hour of work had it been on for a year or more. Overall, MPI 1105 is a very easy material to work with that also performed admirably while it was on.
There are few cars as fun and as exciting as a Porsche 991 GT3. The bare canvas is a very bright Lava Orange color. Making a car look as eye-catching as bright orange takes a bold design and bright print colors. The Avery Dennison MPI 1105 film combined with our Roland printer and inks proved to be just the ticket. The end result was a very stunning car wrap, on material that proved itself during the harshest street and track environments and came out still looking great. To top it off, it came off with no hiccups making the entire experience a great one for both the car’s owner and us as the wrap installer.
The other four superhero car wraps were a Ferrari California as Captain America, a McLaren 650S as The Hulk, a McLaren MP4-12C as Superman and McLaren 570S as Spiderman. All the cars received the same treatment from start to finish. Collectively, and individually, the superhero wrapped project for goldRush Rally 8 and the Taylor Lynn Foundation was a total success. Again, thanks to the great vinyl by Avery Dennison.
Below is a video of the design process and the Deadpool wrap:
All photos by Grubbs Photography

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