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Friday, June 17, 2016 9:58 am PDT


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As the world’s largest UHF RFID partner, Avery Dennison works with more than 100 brands and companies worldwide to provide the highest quality integrated technology. And last month at RFID Journal LIVE!, we had the chance to hear valued customers lululemon and Sport Zone share how our RFID solutions are transforming their businesses.

During the two-day conference, brands and retailers took to the stage to discuss their experience of deploying RFID across their business.

Jonathan Aitken, program director, RFID, lululemon athletica, opened the keynote session during LIVE! sharing lululemon’s RFID journey with Avery Dennison. The athletic retailer launched their first RFID pilot store in 2013, expanded to 12 stores in 2014, and by the end of 2015 they rolled RFID out to over 350 of their stores in the United States, Canada and two stores in Hong Kong.

And they are seeing fantastic returns across their business and operations:

- Increased inventory accuracy, up to 98 percent

- Increase in revenue

- Increase in eCommerce sales due to omnichannel

- Decrease in number of hours on the sales floor

- Benefit from RFID as contributing to Lululemon store managers and educators’ business and enhancing the consumer experiences

"Lululemon paved the way through our partnership with Avery Dennison," Jonathan said. "Avery was awesome. They did all the heavy lifting; they have relationships with the factories. It was pretty simple."

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Another retailer benefiting from RFID is Sport Zone, who initiated its RFID pilot program in April 2015 by incorporating RFID solutions in apparel and footwear in two stores. The results? Nearly 99 percent stock accuracy, a 92 percent reduction in stock counting efforts, a 90 percent reduction in receiving efforts, and a significant sales lift.

“This pilot is the beginning of a new era in Sport Zone. The RFID adoption enabled us to deliver a reliable store stock visibility and improves our customer service on the shop floor,” said Miguel Teles, head of supply chain at Sport Zone. “The end game of the RFID pilot enabled us to consolidate our position as an omnichannel player.”

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