Christopher Ræburn Launches Futuristic Sustainable Menswear That is Out of This World

Monday, June 13, 2016 11:29 am PDT


Retail Branding and Information Solutions

As fashion moves with the times, Christopher Ræburn made one giant leap ahead at London Collections Men for his Spring/Summer 2017 runway show, showcased in London on June 12.

Ever one to embrace sustainable fashion, Christopher chose to create his statement pieces with Avery Dennison RBIS’ yarn blend Component Weave innovation. Statement pieces, including bomber jackets and shorts featuring telescopic imagery of the moon, and monochromed bombers and shorts with iconic astronautical graphics, have been made entirely out of the sustainable blend Component Weave.

Inspired by George Lucas’ film debut THX 1138, Christopher Ræburn brought both menswear and womenswear together in what was described as a “dystopian terrestrial future.” The result is mesmerizing, high-quality fashion pieces, with astronomical style. And Raeburn complemented the apparel with a range of backpacks using the same sustainable materials.

The award-winning designer has become an icon in the industry for truly embracing the concept of sustainability from conceptual development, to production, to the end product, and our Creative Team has been working in collaboration with Christopher to transform the branding across the collection using sustainable materials.

Not only is the sustainable fashion more accessible than ever, the collection has also become more flexible. Jackets and tops have been designed with creative spaces, encouraging wearers to tell their own story by mixing and matching detachable woven badges. The iconic lunar-inspired graphics and lettering will be packaged into themed bites, which will be adapted in future seasons.


“The sheer size of his adoption of the material and its adaption to garments has shown his true innovation in design,” commented Amy White, vice president of Marketing, Communications and Sustainability at Avery Dennison RBIS. “We are proud to work with such a champion of sustainability and look forward to continuing to collaborate with Christopher Ræburn as he continues to grow and develop his future designs.”

For more information on Avery Dennison RBIS’ Component Weave solutions, please contact Hannah White, global senior manager, Marketing Communications, Apparel and RFID.

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