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Wednesday, September 23, 2015 11:00 am PDT


Molly Waters, Technical Specialist, Avery Dennison, Graphics Solutions

Last month I wrote about the Avery Dennison Tool Kit that consists of a tool belt, application glove, white knife with a break-away blade, blue felt edge squeegee, two, magnets and a snitty.

Graphics solution car wrap tool header

The tools listed above are sufficient to get anyone started, however I think you will find that it is nice to add a few specialty tools to make your job easier as well as help you achieve the best possible graphic install.


Red Felt Edge Squeegee

This squeegee has the same felt buffer as the blue felt edge squeegee. The advantage of the red squeegee is that it’s much softer and will conform to surfaces that are not flat. This squeegee is quickly becoming a favorite among installers. (Item #: Z1072).

Graphics solution car wrap tool scraper

Teflon Squeegee with Felt Edge

This recent addition to the Avery Dennison’s tool collection comes with the same felt edge, however this one is made of Teflon so the squeegee is more rigid. And, the non-felt side will slide across the vinyl much easier. (Item #: AP8270001).

Car wrap squeegee tool

Pin / Air Release Tool

Now that we have air egress films, the pin tool is not as common as it once was. I do find that is still nice to have one around. There are still instances where you may want to poke a tiny hole in the film to let air escape and a pin tool is much better than using a knife because the knife leaves a small slit in the film. The Avery Dennison pin also has a retractable tip very similar to a pen. (Item #: Z1074).

pin air release tool


Another new resource from Avery Dennison, this includes two tools -one blue and one red. These are similar to the red and blue felt edge squeegees where the red is a little softer and more flexible than the blue. These tools are great for detail work and tight spaces where a standard squeegee is too big. Check out this YouTube video to see the Flextreme tools in action. (Item #: CB262001).


Metal Knife with Break Away Blade

Last month, I mentioned the white knife which is plastic. Some folks may prefer a knife with a little more weight to it and this may be the knife for you. Both knives come with the sharp angle 30 degree blades. (Item #: Z1076).

Metal Knife with Break Away Blade

Break Away Blades

Do you have trouble finding a place to buy these 30 degree blades?  I've seen a few posts on the installer forums asking where these can be purchased. Avery Dennison has them! There are 45 blades in a box and the box also has a reservoir for the broken off sections of the blades. (Item #: Z1073).

Break Away Blades

These tools can be purchased from any Avery Dennison distributor. If your distributor is not familiar with the product, you can give them the item number of the tool.

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