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Monday, June 27, 2016 11:22 am PDT



Molly Waters, Technical Specialist, Graphics Solutions , Avery Dennison

This month I decided to have a little fun with the blog and show off a few projects that I've done for my favorite little customers using scraps of Avery Dennison vinyl, leftover from larger jobs.

What do you do with the scraps around your shop? Do you use them for "little" customers such as kids, grand kids, nieces or nephews? The older they get, the more I'm finding that I can do with little scraps or samples that I have laying around my house for the little people in my life.

Kid’s Furniture
Earlier this year, I gave new life to an old book case. We wrapped it in a Avery Dennison SC 900 Pink Ultra Metallic for a very unique look. This look would not have been possible with paint.

Going into this one I thought it would be super easy because everything was flat. My challenge was getting the film started on the backs and sides of the bookcase since I didn't take it apart. I was using film that was non air egress and I had a challenge of getting slightly oversized pieces to fit perfectly into the corners and edges of the back and sides.  My plan was to have them slightly oversized, so I could trim away the excess and have crisp edges. I made it work and my "customers" are very satisfied.

Customized Rides
A few months later, I decided to customize a pink tricycle to give it a little extra flare. I wrapped the little fenders in an Avery Dennison SC 900 Purple Ultra Metallic. Upon my first inspection, I thought these little fenders would be no problem. I quickly realized how "not flat" they were. This was good practice and I was forced to use my wrap skills.

I took it a step further on these little tricycles and added a customized look for my nieces. I used small chrome samples and more ultra metallic film to hide the Schwinn logo and replace it with each kid's first initial.

Picture Time
My most recent project was a little more challenging. I was asked to make a photo booth prop for my nephew.  I was given a big piece of cardboard with a very rough chalk sketch by my sister, and told to make something cool for my nephew's birthday party for the next day.

A quick Internet search helped me find a Lego man image that I was able to enlarge and print on 8½” x 11” sheets of paper.  I taped the two sheets together to make a pattern and ended up with this little display less than 12 hours later.

I'd love to see photos of your "little" projects made with bits and pieces of Avery Dennison films for your favorite "little" customers. Share them with via our project submission form at or social media at and @ADGraphics_NA on Twitter and Instagram.

Happy wrapping!

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