Blog - Label and Packaging Materials

  • 4/6/17 2:28 pm PDT
    Avery Dennison Aqua Opaque
    Miguel Garcia, Business Development Manager for Wine and Spirits
    It’s a frantic retail world out there, surrounded by so many messages, colors, and new players crowding the shelf. It’s okay…time to chill and get noticed for being cool. Of course, you are already cool and so are today’s wine and spirits brands.more...
  • 2/17/17 1:54 pm PST
    Jeroen Diderich
    Jeroen Diderich, Vice President and General Manager
    According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a circular economy is one that is restorative and regenerative by design, and aims to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value at all times. The concept counters the “take, make and dispose” economic model, which centers on using large quantities of cheap and easily accessed materials and energy. A circular economy seeks to rebuild capital - financial, human, manufactured, social and/or natural - to improve the flowmore...
  • 1/26/17 6:00 am PST
    Alex Kidd
    Alex Kidd, Creative Design Manager
    Growth continues in the wine and spirits segment! Every day, new wine and spirits brands are entering the marketplace, resulting in more: (1) choices for libation enthusiasts, (2) competition amongst brands to stand out on crowded shelves and (3) need for dynamic label designs.more...
  • 1/10/17 6:00 am PST
    Nat Weiner
    Nat Weiner, Plant Manager
    When you experience a fire and explosion on the job, as I did before joining Avery Dennison, you learn that workplace safety isn’t theoretical. It can get all too real, too fast. That’s why I’m proud to now work for a company where safety is a core value and whose safety performance is one of the best in its industry.more...
  • 12/5/16 6:00 am PST
    Hassan Rmaile
    Hassan Rmaile, Vice President of Global Research and Development
    The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has called upon label manufacturers to reduce waste by weight, volume and toxicity. Thinner film and paper products require fewer raw materials and lower energy consumption. Streamlining manufacturing processes also promotes energy efficiency while decreasing waste. more...
  • 11/9/16 6:00 am PST
    Nirdesh Karnawat
    Nirdesh Karnawat, Director Finance, South Asia & Sub-Saharan Africa
    It isn't an accident that Michael Phelps has won more Olympic medals than any other athlete. He may be a freakishly talented swimmer, but that is not the only reason for all the GOLDS he's won. Or, on the other hand, why Usain Bolt (Lightning Bolt) is the unprecedented champion of the 100m, 200m and 4X100m relay. It is their everyday pursuit of excellence that helps them achieve long term success. In Michael Phelps' own words, “We were not chasing medals; medals were just the tangible rewardsmore...
  • 11/7/16 6:00 am PST
    Roland Simon
    Roland Simon, Vice President of Procurement
    Responsible sourcing ensures the long-term availability of raw materials to manufacture the products that label companies provide their customers. Our annual spend on materials represents a significant investment in the pressure sensitive supply chain. It is important that this investment supports and encourages responsible behavior to eliminate negative environmental impacts and secure availability of materials continually in the future. Sustainable sourcing applies to nearly any product themore...
  • 10/3/16 7:00 am PDT
    Renae Kulis
    Renae Kulis, Sr. Director, Global Leader of Sustainability
    Avery Dennison celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2015. This got me thinking about what our 100th anniversary might look like - what will be different and what might painfully be the same.  On the forefront of my mind is the changing landscape in packaging and the focus on landfills, emissions, deforestation, water quality and accessibility. We must also consider the increasing investment in renewable energy and materials, recycling, working conditions and equality.more...
  • 10/3/16 6:00 am PDT
    Kunhao Wang, Business Development Manager
    We are living in the information age, which ironically can also be identified as the computer age, the new media age and the digital age. Yes, the digital age...if we look around, we’ll see there are a lot of things in our daily lives that are now digital. One of the most common digital advancements are printers. As our team began observing the digital adoption in our daily lives, we witnessed an interesting phenomenon...we began to see the industry and the digital platform as a way to helpmore...
  • 10/3/16 5:00 am PDT
    Tammy McCartney, Senior R&D Leader
    I have a secret to share with you...temperature does impact how a pressure sensitive label adheres to a surface. Have you ever tried to apply a shipping label to a cardboard box, outside in low temperatures? If you have, chances are you’ve seen the edges curl and the label easily falls off the box. This can be quite frustrating and no amount of packing tape can ease your frustration.more...