Introducing the Avery Dennison Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 6:00 am PST


Danny Cruz, KI Studios

A race car can go through many lifetimes. As long as the car is racing, it’s alive. Many classic race cars are still alive and racing today. Other newer race cars get new life breathed into them with mechanical improvements, engine rebuilds and new bodies season after season.

This is as strong as ever. The car has been rebuilt and the looks revitalized with a full wrap at KI Studios Car Wraps in San Diego using Avery Dennison® Supreme WrappingTM Film. It has now officially been christened, the Avery Dennison® Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car. It’s ready to race in 2017.

This particular car is not new to vinyl wraps. In its previous life this was the Blackstar Porsche 911 Cup Car seen in the photo below.

Introducing the Avery Dennison Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car

The car was wrapped a number of times for different race seasons. Not to mention, it has a twin brother that still races with the same graphics, just with inverse colors.

After the 2015 racing season, this car was sold, and the new owner has been racing it all over using a modified version of the original graphic. Fast forward to the 2017 racing season, and the car was due for new graphics after an extensive program of mechanical race-worthy upgrades. That’s when the idea of creating an Avery Dennison wrapped race car emerged.

The car was delivered to KI Studios / Protective Film Solutions by GAS Motorsport after some minor bodywork to have it prepped for the wrap. Just a week before, the designers at KI Studios had mocked up at least four or five designs to be used for the race car. A final design was chosen and with the car at the shop, the work began.

The first step was to strip what was left of the Blackstar wrap. With that done, the new wrap process began.

The Design

There are a number of key points related to the wrap itself that need to be addressed.
1. The wrap was designed to have a white front bumper and green rear bumper. The reason for this is that these types of race cars are out there racing wheel to wheel and physical contact is something that happens really often. In order to make repairing damage much easier, the design required solid colors front and back. That way, a new bumper can be easily wrapped and fitted in place without having to worry about the graphics lining up every single time. In fact, a spare wrapped bumper was included with the project.

2. The wrap design itself would be completely layered. No printing (except for the racing number plates). All sections are layered and the design cut out. The racing decals and sponsors go on top. The large sections of the Avery Dennison® logo were cut on KI Studios’ Graphtec vinyl plotter.

The Material

The material is Avery Dennison® Supreme WrappingTM Film in the following colors:
            • Pearl White
            • Pearl Black
            • Gloss Lime Green

Other sponsors include Porsche of San Diego, GAS Motorsport and KI Studios. To top off the build, the car got racing numbers plates from KI Studios, printed on Avery Dennison® MPI 1105.
(Final light painting photos by Grubbs Photography)

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Introducing the Avery Dennison Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car