How to Choose the Right Digital Overlaminate?

Friday, April 29, 2016 9:39 am PDT



Cindy Richards, Regional Technical Specialist, Graphics Solutions , Avery Dennison

There are so many choices out there in the vinyl film industry. This is very true in the cast overlaminate options we provide at Avery Dennison. I'd like to take a minute and share which cast overlaminate you should use for different applications.

First, I would like to walk you through the nomenclature, or naming system used for our products; for example DOL 1060.

  • DOL represents Digital Over Laminate.
  • The first number - "1" designates that it is a cast film.
  • The 2nd digit "0" represents the conformability of the film.
  • The 3rd number "6" represents the finish: "6" for gloss, "7" for luster, "8" for matte.
  • The last number is the adhesive designation. Here, "0" represents that it has a clear permanent adhesive.

We have the original DOL 1000 series designed for fleet vehicles. The conformability is perfect for conforming around the rivets on tractor trailers. It comes in multiple finishes: DOL 1060 gloss and DOL 1080 matte. This film combined with MPI 1000 series digitally printable vinyl could also be used for any traditional outdoor graphic for up to a five year (dependent on the ink system used) printed durability in Canada and most of the U.S., providing excellent UV protection on a vertical surface.

Next is the DOL 1300 series, designed to conform to more curvaceous surfaces such as trailer corrugations and fenders. Combining with the MPI 1000 series print vinyl for full vehicle wraps, the pair offers a four year vertical durability in Canada and most of the U.S. (dependent on ink system used). It is also provided with a DOL 1360 gloss, DOL 1370 luster and DOL 1380 matte option.

Finally, the DOL 1400 series can tackle the most complex curves such as motorcycle tanks and sprinter van channels. It only comes in gloss, DOL 1460. And when combined with the MPI 1000 series print vinyl, it can also provide a four year vertical durability in Canada and most of the U.S. (dependent on ink system used).

To tackle the issue of horizontal durability, Avery Dennison created a gloss polyurethane laminate, DOL 6460. When laminated onto the MPI 1000 series print vinyl, it can provide up to two years of horizontal durability in Canada and most areas in the U.S. This conformable duo installs well on extreme curves such as Sprinter van channels, motorcycles and bumpers. Please see the Product Data Sheet for DOL 6460 and the Instruction Bulletin IB 1.3 on Avery Dennison website for more information.

With the weather getting warmer, and vehicle and fleet installations ramping up, this overview should make the decision of what digital overlaminate to use easier. Below is a chart that maps out the options. Feel free to reach out to your Avery Dennison Regional Technical Specialist with any questions you may have in choosing which option is best for your project.

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