How Can You Trust the Quality of Your Traffic Signs?

Monday, March 27, 2017 6:00 am PDT


Moe Madar, North American Regulatory Affairs Manager, Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions

Do you install or maintain the traffic signs on your roads? Chances are you purchase signs from the lowest bidder. It’s a great way to help drive down cost, but it may also mean a new and unknown supplier each year. Sign quality is critical for the safety of roadway users, and it’s a critical element of longevity with direct linkage to your future maintenance costs.

Certified Digital Traffic Converter

Sign converters can attest that traffic sign production is a complicated process.

  • Are the signs screen printed?
  • Are the signs produced with computer-cut transparent overlay film or sheeting-on-sheeting?
  • Are the signs digitally printed with ink or thermal transfer ribbons?
  • Do the processes follow the recommendations of the reflective sheeting manufacturer so that the warranty is valid?

Your specification may cover some of the critical components, but it might miss these details. How signs are fabricated can be just as important as the materials they are made from.

A Solution that Delivers Quality and Trust

Leveraging the Avery Dennison Certified Digital Traffic Converter (CDTC™) program is an effective way to identify quality traffic sign fabricators. CDTC members are required to complete an on-site training program and a quality audit, which includes laboratory testing of printed samples for daytime and nighttime color, reflectivity, and general appearance. No one is certified or maintains certification without passing all steps. We also continuously monitor orders from the sign fabricator to ensure the inks and protective films vital to digital printing are supplied in the required amounts to comply with warranty requirements. As a sign purchaser, developing this trust is as easy as demanding that “signs be supplied by an Avery Dennison Certified Digital Traffic Converter or equal network member” be inserted into your purchase specification.

Certified Digital Traffic Converter Program

Certified Digital Traffic Converter Program Benefits All Stakeholders

Knowing that you’ll receive quality signs is a critical advantage, and we’re also finding that certification is a point of pride for quality sign converters, allowing them to easily showcase their expertise. Certification provides converters with effective tools to protect their business from suspect shops that may not follow the same quality protocols.

As roadway professionals, we appreciate that managing the safety of your roadways is a tough job. So take advantage of our CDTC program. Require that your signs be fabricated by a certified converter, and you’ll have peace of mind that your supplier has won the bid on the basis of process and pricing excellence, not by cutting corners.

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Certified Digital Traffic Converter Program