CMSpot6™ Means It’s Time To Go Digital

2017 ATSSA Convention Highlights Digital Traffic Sign Options
Monday, February 27, 2017 6:00 am PST


Scott Chapman, Global Marketing Communications Manager, Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions

This year’s highway safety industry gathering in Phoenix, Arizona, provided proof that digitally printed traffic signs are becoming mainstream and account for a growing portion of production. Highlighting this year’s ATSSA (American Traffic Safety Services Association) convention was the digital print workshop sponsored by the organization’s Sign Committee, chaired by yours truly.

2017 ATSSA Convention
Featuring speakers representing Avery Dennison, Nippon Carbide, Orafol Americas and 3M Company, attendees received confirmation that each of the industry’s primary reflective sheeting manufacturers support individual systems capable of producing specification compliant and warranted traffic signs. It’s clear that the industry is quickly getting on board with the digital advantage, as each speaker confirmed their system:

  • offers significant environmental advantages over screen printing and waste-prone computer cut films,
  • requires and benefits greatly from the application of a clear protective overlay film on permanent signs,
  • opens a new world of time-saving and valuable features that can be incorporated into traffic signs,
  • complies with specifications and industry durability requirements found in the MUTCD

But when you step away from the primary traffic sign colors of yellow, red, blue, green, brown and black, the value gap between the competing systems becomes wide - demonstrating the unique technological achievement represented by Avery Dennison’s new CMSpot6 ink configuration. Forget the limited 5 to 8 year durability warranties offered by other suppliers, CMSpot6 inks are warranted by Avery Dennison for up to 10 years - the same period of time as our T-6500 High Intensity Prismatic Sheeting.

What is CMSpot6?

This ink configuration starts with our unique Spot colors, and the same pigments that are the mainstay of our popular screen print inks. Our screen print inks are known for their durability worldwide in all climates imaginable - in use on signs from Anchorage to Miami, Brazil to Saudi Arabia, and throughout Asia and Europe. These same pigments are used in our TrafficJet™ eco-solvent spot color inks. CMSpot6 replaces standard process yellow and black with our more durable TrafficJet spot black and yellow inks. The result?  Not only a 37% gain in color gamut, but a predictable improvement in long-term sign performance.

Industry Leading Durability Warranty

Life cycle cost is an important factor in signing material decisions. Many public agencies are choosing to add logos and pictorials to their street name signs, helping create a greater sense of community identity. Because these designs often feature the creativity of a seemingly unlimited palette of custom colors, yesterday’s production required CMYK inks. Sadly, the typical results are logos that fades to the point they are unrecognizable after a few short years. This leaves an agency the unpopular decision to maintain its public image by wasting money replacing traffic signs with faded logos that should have had many years of life expectancy remaining. CMSpot6 inks bring an end to this waste.

Our CMSpot6 durability warranty is simple and uncomplicated. Without placing limits on color combinations or tone, you can expect 10 years performance for any color printed on our high intensity prismatic sheeting. Both 10 years on the custom color, and 10 years on the traffic sign color. This means no compromise in durability, and no increase in your maintenance budget to deal with an inconsistent warranted sign life. And the 10 years for custom colors using CMSpot6 applies to permanent signs using our standard or Anti-Graffiti protective overlay on any of our T-6500, T-7500MVP, T-9500 OmniView™, and T-11500 OmniCube™ (ASTM Types IV, VIII, IX, XI respectively) reflective sheetings.

Ready to go Digital?

You have multiple options from which to select. Don’t forget that the TrafficJet Print System can include not only a great printer and CMSpot6 inks, but a laminator, cutter, and importantly, all of your training and servicing needs with a single phone call. While we do have a bias for which platform offers the greatest value, we’d enjoy a conversation with you to help you make the right decision for your needs.

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2017 ATSSA Convention