• 6/27/17 5:00 am PDT
    OmniCube™ and TrafficJet™ Shine on Colombia’s New National Route Markers
    Florencia Delponte, Customer Service Representative
    Colombia’s Ministry of Transport is improving their reference signage on their national road network. For years the agency used a series of small wood and concrete markers offset from the roadway to provide motorists with location information. However, these markers have have proven difficult to maintain over the years. The old markers are set low to the ground and are not only difficult to read, but they are also a safety hazard to any vehicle that might strike them during a run off the roadmore...
  • 6/13/17 5:00 am PDT
    Supporting our employees with flexible work arrangements
    Work doesn’t look much like it did during the last century. The way we produce and create deliverables, the way we communicate and collaborate, the way we discover and analyze data—all of it has been transformed by the dynamics of a fast-moving global economy and leaps in technology. Things once considered indispensable—typewriters, desk phones, desktop computers, in person meetings—we now thrive without.more...
  • 6/8/17 5:00 am PDT
    Is Sensitivity an Excuse for Bad Sheeting Behavior?
    Scott Chapman, Global Marketing Communications Manager
    While helping raise our six children, two of them girls, I often found myself accused of being too insensitive. I have seen that sensitivity can be a double-edged sword. “Oh dad, you’re so sensitive” can be a very endearing compliment in the right setting depending on how it’s delivered - say during a private conversation at home, with but not in a cowboy bar in Dallas. Somebody described as insensitive could well be a very empathetic and skilled listener - or touchy and prone to flying intomore...
  • 5/31/17 5:00 am PDT
    Tips For Removing Permanent Adhesive Graphics & Weathered Graphics
    Joey Heiob, Technical Service Representative
    Have you ever been asked or hired to remove vinyl vehicle graphics that are cracked and weathered due to their age or the material used had a permanent adhesive? If you have, you know how difficult these graphics can be to remove and the amount of time it can take. There are times where using a heat gun or propane torch just doesn’t work.In this blog, I will share a few helpful tools that are being used in the market today that can help make the removal a little easier.more...