• 5/23/17 9:36 am PDT
    Six Useful Tips to Help You Get Started in the World of Wraps
    Molly Waters, Senior Technical Specialist
    The wrap market continues to grow as more shops and individuals are getting into wraps. This includes print wraps for commercial use, as well as decorative wraps, which can be color change, printed or even a combination of color change and printed graphics. This blog contains six tips to help those of you getting started in the world of wraps.more...
  • 5/18/17 5:00 am PDT
    Second Penang Bridge
    Ashish Shukla, Global Marketing Director
    Three years ago Malaysia’s Sultan Abdul Muadzam Shah Bridge, also called the Second Penang Bridge, opened after five years of construction. The longest bridge in Southeast Asia features wide sweeping “S” curves over its 24 km length - a design requirement  to help motorists stay attentive for the average 20 minute crossing.more...
  • 5/8/17 5:00 am PDT
    Margaret Adams, Marketing Automation Specialist
    In 2013, Avery Dennison introduced the TrafficJet Print System™ to the traffic sign industry and since then, we have installed over 250 printers in sign shops all over the world. While digital sign printing has become widely accepted, some are still a little hesitant. Let’s walk through some of the misconceptions about digital traffic sign printing that exist today and why it’s time to embrace this technology.more...
  • 5/3/17 5:00 am PDT
    Sky Yan, Technical Marketing Manager
    China’s Guizhou Province has been the location for aggressive investment in highway construction by the government. Since 2009, $68 billion has been invested into the construction of more than 5,000 kilometers of highways. On the recent Wengan-Daozhen highway project, the mountainous terrain required that over half of the length of the system consist of tunnels and bridges - including some of the most impressive bridges in the world.more...