Reduce: Using Less Material with the Same Performance

Monday, December 5, 2016 6:00 am PST


Hassan Rmaile, Vice President of Global Research and Development, Materials Group, Avery Dennison

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has called upon label manufacturers to reduce waste by weight, volume and toxicity. Thinner film and paper products require fewer raw materials and lower energy consumption. Streamlining manufacturing processes also promotes energy efficiency while decreasing waste.

Our innovation portfolio targets several major innovation platforms directly linked to sustainability of materials, total reduction of waste and energy and accelerating our transformation into sustainable products from cradle to grave. We are looking at utilizing recycled content in the different components within the laminates’ production life cycle from paper, films and chemicals, by incorporating materials derived from post-consumer waste rather than virgin raw materials. We are also pursuing the replacement of petrochemically-derived materials with “greener” alternatives, such as polymers derived from bio-based, renewable sources. In addition, we are utilizing our engineering resources to optimize the energy usage by understanding the fundamental interactions of the materials within our production processes.

One example of keeping our  commitment to sustainability products is ClearCut™,our next-generation,  solvent-free high performance adhesive platform that enables thinner construction for labels applied to various containers without compromising on high-speed conversion and dispensing. More labels per roll translate into lower transportation costs and fewer reel changes while boosting a company’s green credentials.

Here’s an example of how sustainability can and must go hand in hand with high productivity and shelf appeal. Our customer SA Labels in Yorkshire UK worked with Swedish premium cider producer The Swedish Cider Company to produce a new label that would do justice to its new fruit-flavored älska product line.  The final label utilized ClearCut adhesive technology and delivered reduced machine downtime, high shelf impact and demonstrable sustainability improvements - the material uses 61% less water, 13% less energy and generates 36% less waste compared to a standard adhesive. And according to the company’s website the high quality label represented a product that is “everything that Stockholm is admired for, a fusion of great design, style, beauty and the odd premium quality drink.” Read more here.

Developing products like ClearCut which help our customers convert faster and easier, deliver a high quality label and meet sustainability goals is central to our innovation objectives.

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Hassan Rmaile