How Much Do You Know About Malaysia’s Longest Bridge?

Thursday, May 18, 2017 5:00 am PDT


Ashish Shukla, Global Marketing Director, Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions

Three years ago Malaysia’s Sultan Abdul Muadzam Shah Bridge, also called the Second Penang Bridge, opened after five years of construction. The longest bridge in Southeast Asia features wide sweeping “S” curves over its 24 km length - a design requirement  to help motorists stay attentive for the average 20 minute crossing.
Second Penang Bridge
Here are some other interesting facts about the bridge that you might not know:

  • It’s the longest bridge in the world installed with High Damping Natural Rubber (HDNR) Bearing, an effective seismic isolation system that enables the bridge to withstand high intensity earthquakes
  • The integrated Toll Plaza or Gateway Arch Toll Plaza is the largest toll plaza in Malaysia, including the largest non-vehicular span steel arch structure erected, greeting road users
  • The bridge’s 2.3 meter diameter bore pile designed for the Main Span bored 127 meter deep is among the deepest in the world
  • Malaysia’s longest pre-joined precast spun concrete piles were driven in the construction of this project
  • The first bridge in Malaysia to use the TL-4 moveable barrier at the median crossing (every 2 km interval), which can stand impact from trucks, busses or other heavy vehicles
  • The bridge features the first installation of dynamic road signage in Malaysia, which allow road users to access real time traffic conditions

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Second Penang Bridge