Digital Security Marks Help Argentina National Road Authority Find Relief from Sign Theft

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 7:00 am PDT


Sebastián Laflor, Sales Executive, Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions, Argentina

Argentina’s national road authority, Dirección Nacional de Vialidad, struggled for years to prevent traffic sign theft - it’s a serious issue that jeopardizes the safety of all motorists, and placed a serious strain on their annual maintenance budget. Even with the help of local law enforcement, when stolen signs were recovered, proof of ownership could not be easily obtained, so the recovered property ended up in scrapyards across the country for recycling.


The agency’s first attempt to prove sign ownership was the creation of a technical specification requiring the insertion of an indelible image embedded directly into the structure of the reflective sheeting during the film manufacturing process. This would prevent the security mark from being removed by vandals. While this provided initial relief, the solution was difficult to manage for fabricators supplying the agency with signs. Compliance required sheeting to be special ordered, with inventory dedicated to only this agency - robbing fabricators the cost and time savings that would normally be achievable with greater production runs and inventory flexibility.   

When the our Reflective Solutions sales team in Argentina began selling the TrafficJet™ Print System in their region, they recognized that the flexibility of digital printing created a better solution to the agency’s theft problem. “We proposed generating the security mark using the TrafficJet printer - creating a unique font for the purpose, and placing the agency’s initials anywhere, and any size, on the surface of the sign preferred," said Sebastián Laflor, Avery Dennison’s local sales executive, “and since the permanent signs are protected with our transparent overlay, the same level of security protection is achieved."

Señalar, Avery Dennison’s major TrafficJet sign fabricator in the region, was enthusiastic over the solution.  Not only does the digital solution enable them to efficiently use their standard inventory, but it also presents them with an opportunity to add value to the signs they sell to other local agencies, road concessionaires and constructors with the ability to personalize their own signage to deter theft.

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