Blog - Culture/Heritage

  • 1/10/17 6:00 am PST
    Nat Weiner
    Nat Weiner, Plant Manager
    When you experience a fire and explosion on the job, as I did before joining Avery Dennison, you learn that workplace safety isn’t theoretical. It can get all too real, too fast. That’s why I’m proud to now work for a company where safety is a core value and whose safety performance is one of the best in its industry.more...
  • 12/15/16 6:00 am PST
    Denim History
    Nageen Riffat, Global Technology Solutions Consultant
    It dates back to the 18th century when the people of Nimes, France attempted to replicate a sturdy Italian fabric called "serge de Nimes,” now known as “denim."more...
  • 11/28/16 7:00 am PST
    Avery Dennison Customer Service
    Nageen Riffat, Global Technology Solutions Consultant
    “If you want to be outstanding, stop meeting expectations, start exceeding them.”There is only one boss, and whether a person serves food for a living or heads up the biggest corporation in the world, the boss remains the same – the customer! In fact, the customer can fire anyone in the company from the CEO and down, and they can do it simply by spending money elsewhere.more...
  • 11/15/16 7:00 am PST
    Nageen Riffat
    Nageen Riffat, Global Technology Solutions Consultant
    Roosevelt once said, “Be empathetic.” As the President of the United States, he embodied the essential characteristics of a good leader. There are many organizations and leaders who are only focused on profitable goals neglecting trust, conviction and corporate culture.more...
  • 10/13/16 8:10 am PDT
    Ashley Mayse, Service Consultant
    When you add 42 dogs to an already bustling office building there are many things that could happen.  But in the case of Avery Dennison’s second annual “Bring Your Dog to Work Day” — a fundraiser for the United Way of Lake County — the result was a resounding success. Wednesday, September 28th was Bring Your Dog to Work Day here at our Materials Group North America headquarters in Mentor and I was lucky enough to be able to bring my 12 year old Schnauzer/Poodle Sebastian.more...
  • 10/3/16 3:00 am PDT
    David Torley, Technical Sales Support Manager
    The word “innovation” is used quite liberally these days to place emphasis on the latest concept poised to change the way products are produced, the way we are entertained, the way we communicate and the way business is conducted. Regardless of the repetition in use, innovation is a great word. Innovation tells us what the future holds and what’s ready now to positively change the way we live and work together. And as we are exposed to the latest innovations from driverless automobiles andmore...
  • 9/30/16 8:55 am PDT
    Talar Shahinian, Communications Specialist
    There is a new wave of employees entering the workforce - they are known as the Millennials. Not familiar with the term? According to Forbes, we are the generation that has flooded the workforce in the past decade and will represent 75 percent of all companies by 2030¹. This new arrival of young adults also brings fresh and innovative ideas that will transform businesses and propel them into the future. So how is this relevant? Millennials influence the trends of a society’s subcultures withmore...
  • 12/4/15 9:18 am PST
    Michael Caldwell, Corporate Communications Intern
    A little over two years ago, I took my first college class at Pitzer College in Claremont, about 35 miles away from corporate headquarters in Glendale.more...
  • 10/20/15 12:11 pm PDT
    Kim Caldwell, Former Senior Avery Dennison Executive
    In a career spanning three decades, Kim Caldwell was witness to—and sometimes involved in —some of Avery Dennison’s most pivotal transformations.more...
  • 10/15/15 8:41 am PDT
    It didn’t happen in a garage. It didn’t involve ones or zeroes, microchips, or anything remotely resembling an app. And it happened decades before anyone heard the word, “startup.”It happened in Los Angeles in 1935, back when America’s main business was making things, and people moved to L.A. to dream big. That’s when Stan Avery, a man whose ambition and vision far exceeded the demands of his job as a clerk, combined a few spare machine parts and a saber saw to fashion the world’s first self-more...