Blog - Community Investment

  • 1/23/17 6:00 am PST
    Visibility for Renault Emergency Vehicles
    Linda Andersen, Marketing Coordinator
    One problem that brightly decorated emergency fire fleet vehicles do not have is standing out in a crowd.  But what happens when that crowd is not the ordinary mix of private cars and commercial vehicles, but rather a gathering of other emergency vehicles at one of France’s largest Firefighters exhibitions?more...
  • 1/17/17 6:00 am PST
    Clearview Cleveland
    Scott N. Chapman, Global Marketing Communications Manager
    Clearview is proving to be a hard font to kill. In June of last year, I described the ruckus created by the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) decision to rescind the 2004 approval allowing the use of a new highway font, Clearview™, for lettering on certain types of highway signs in the United States. The rescission was not received happily by the 30 or so state highway transportation departments and numerous local transportation agencies that converted signs to this style of letteringmore...
  • 12/12/16 6:00 am PST
    Wrap Like a King Challenge 2016
    Amanda Zhou, Channel Marketing & Communications Manager
    On November 2, 2016, Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions announced that Toxic Rat by Nick Caminiti, car wrap installer at Exotic Graphix, was named the King of the Wrap World in the “Wrap Like a King” Challenge at the 2016 SEMA Show. Nick competed against 223 other installers from 21 countries.more...
  • 11/22/16 7:00 am PST
    OL-2023 Purple Cuttable Overlay Film
    Scott N. Chapman, Global Marketing Communications Manager
    Do you drive any of our nation’s tollways on a regular basis? If so, you’ve seen purple signs - the newest color introduced on the US highway system - and the newest product offering of Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions, OL-2023 Purple Cuttable Overlay Film. more...
  • 11/7/16 6:00 am PST
    Roland Simon
    Roland Simon, Vice President of Procurement
    Responsible sourcing ensures the long-term availability of raw materials to manufacture the products that label companies provide their customers. Our annual spend on materials represents a significant investment in the pressure sensitive supply chain. It is important that this investment supports and encourages responsible behavior to eliminate negative environmental impacts and secure availability of materials continually in the future. Sustainable sourcing applies to nearly any product themore...
  • 10/10/16 9:16 am PDT
    St. Helena
    Johan Winterbach, Business Manager
    In the South Atlantic, 1200 miles from the nearest major landmass, sits St. Helena island, the most remote populated place on earth. If you are a history buff, you’ll know that in 1815, the British exiled Napoleon Bonaparte to the island where he spent the remainder of his years until his death in 1821. Today it’s the site of one of Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions most remote traffic sign projects.more...
  • 9/30/16 8:55 am PDT
    Talar Shahinian, Communications Specialist
    There is a new wave of employees entering the workforce - they are known as the Millennials. Not familiar with the term? According to Forbes, we are the generation that has flooded the workforce in the past decade and will represent 75 percent of all companies by 2030¹. This new arrival of young adults also brings fresh and innovative ideas that will transform businesses and propel them into the future. So how is this relevant? Millennials influence the trends of a society’s subcultures withmore...
  • 9/21/16 9:58 am PDT
    Sven Couck, Talent Acquisition Manager
    For eight years now Avery Dennison (Turnhout Plant) has supported the “Damiaanactie” initiative projects. “Damiaanactie” is a Belgian Non-Profit organization. They fight poverty-related diseases like leprosy and tuberculosis all over the world, helping the most vulnerable people. The goal-orientated approach of “Damiaanactie” only succeeds due to all the local assistance in project countries. The organization benefits from thousands of volunteers and contributors in Belgium. Furthermore, “more...
  • 9/15/16 10:04 am PDT
    Erin Daniel, Human Resource Manager
    I have always wanted to challenge myself as a “runner” (I say this loosely). I have never competed in anything longer than a 5K, but when the opportunity arose to join 49 other Anytime Fitness Concord Gym members in an attempt to complete a 24 in 24 challenge, I thought “why not."more...
  • 9/12/16 8:15 am PDT
    Scott N. Chapman, Global Marketing Communications Manager
    The latest statistics from the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration (NHTSA) reveal an increase in the number of deaths on US highways in 2015, up by 7.2%, for a total of 35,092 individuals.  As we pass the midway mark in 2016, the numbers get worse.  The National Safety Council estimates that the first six months of 2016 showed an 18% increase over the same period two years ago - a staggering 19,100 deaths on our highways.more...