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For optimal reflectivity, legibility and visibility -- as, for example, on highway signs -- our robust portfolio of #prismatic and glass bead #pressure-sensitive #reflective #films and overlay films are the ideal choice. Our wide selection offers you the right product for any job… with all the advantages of Avery Dennison’s omni-directional reflective technology. #AVY #Films #Reflectivity Learn More: b​i​t​.​l​y​/​a​v​y​r​e​f​l​e​c​t
Avery Dennison creates high visibility materials for highway safety signs and vehicle conspicuity marking materials that meet government requirements.
about 4 hours 48 min ago
Avery Dennison
Not able to attend #LabelExpo this year? Don't worry, Avery Dennison created a Virtual Labelexpo Trade Show that replicates our innovation displays, complete with a virtual booth hostess. b​i​t​.​l​y​/​1​w​k​c​2​W​z #AVY #Labels #LabelExpo2014
When Brick & Mortar joins the Digital Landscape: Avery Dennison Creates a Virtual Labelexpo Tradesho
If you’ve ever hung around a tradeshow late on the very last day, you will have seen the booths disassembled quickly, samples packed away in boxes, and trucks standing in line to load up and haul away all the equipment and products. In the case of Labelexpo, this follows a whirlwind three days of customer meetings and entertainment, educational conferences and about 1,000 visitors to our booth.
about 1 day 7 hours ago
Avery Dennison
Retail Branding and Information Solutions continues to support award-winning emerging designer Christopher Raeburn with branded #embellishments, which he featured in his women's wear collection at this year's London Fashion Week. Learn More: b​i​t​.​l​y​/​1​t​Q​e​g​w​8 #RBIS #LFW #Ascent #SS15 #AVY #Retail #Apparel
about 4 days ago
Avery Dennison
There are certain situations when a wet application technique is best for applying #vinyl #film. Learn the technique for window #graphics. - b​i​t​.​l​y​/​1​u​1​R​o​X​8 #AVY #AveryDennison
When to Use a Wet Application Technique for Window Graphics
Vinyl film manufacturers recommend using a dry application process. Find out why in this in-depth post on when to use a wet application technique for window graphics.
about 4 days 6 hours ago
Avery Dennison
“Someone once said our natures were balanced like a well-tuned gyroscope...I supplied the imagination and Russ the reality that kept us in business” - Stan Avery on H. Russell Smith, long-time Avery Dennison leader, who died this week at the age of 100. #AVY #AveryDennison #TBT
about 5 days 5 hours ago
Avery Dennison
The Dallas Stars #hockey team recently used Avery Dennison films to install #graphics around their practice rink, players lounge, dressing room, and gym to motivate the team and help create a foundation for winning. #AVY #AveryDennison
about 5 days 6 hours ago
Avery Dennison
Our CleanFlake™ materials feature a "switchable" adhesive that adheres to a PET bottle until the bond is turned off at the recycler. This allows the facestock and adhesive to cleanly separate from the PET, resulting in more pure PET flakes, the conservation of virgin PET resources, and less landfill waste. #AVY #Sustainabilty #Labels Learn More: b​i​t​.​l​y​/​c​l​e​a​n​f​l​a​k​e
CleanFlake™ | Avery Dennison
CleanFlake technology is a pressure-sensitive label solution that separates cleanly from PET flakes during the standard recycling process. Avery Dennison has leveled the playing field for PET recyclability and shelf-impact. Traditionally there has been a trade-off between the two; however, the Avery…
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Our #prismatic & glass #pressure-sensitive #reflective #films are ideal for optimizing visibility and legibility. hours 59 min ago
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@EnhanceUrBrand is hosting a virtual trade show - join the chat live with specialist around the globe from 9-5 ET hours 32 min ago
Not able to attend #LabelExpo? #AVY created a virtual booth that replicates our innovation displays. day 6 hours ago
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Why should you use a wet application technique for window #graphics? Find out at our blog: #AVY #Labels #Film-4 days 6 hours ago
RT @alabrent_mag: Avery Dennison brings a "White Raibow" to wine labelling applications @AveryDennison @AveryProducts-4 days 7 hours ago
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Remembering H. Russell Smith, longtime AVY leader (pictured w/Stan Avery), who died this week at the age of 100. #TBT days 5 hours ago

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