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Avery Dennison
Purchase organic-cotton tees. Farmers worldwide use more than two million tons of chemical pesticides and fertilizers each year. In efforts to sustaining a healthy environment, farmers in India have created alternatives to the traditional toxic chemicals such as plowing the soil more frequently and applying chili-garlic solution to cotton to prevent infestation. Organic crops leave the Earth happy and your clothes guilt free. #ADSustainableSept
about 1 hour 3 min ago
Avery Dennison
Buy a package of recycled napkins. The average individual uses 50 pounds of tissue and other paper products a year. By recycling, households in Western Europe and Japan have reduced their usage to 33 pounds a person a year. That's saving 1.5 trees per person per year! #ADSustainableSept
about 1 day 1 hour ago
Avery Dennison
Here's what a wrap installer specialist had to say about the new Avery Dennison VisiFlex™ V-8000 Series Reflective Sheeting. This new easily applicable #innovation transforms fleet and emergency vehicles with a bright and vivid presence. g​o​o​.​g​l​/​m​A​z​6​Q​7
about 1 day 23 hours ago
Avery Dennison
Employee volunteering is a priority for brand. Our foundation recently granted $5,000 to Fundacion Red de Misericordia (Dominican Republic) to help rescued children develop and realize their hopes and dreams. g​o​o​.​g​l​/​E​H​P​e​B​Z #socialgood #givingback #foundation #grant
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India has created alternatives for toxic cotton farming methods - leave Earth happy & your clothes guilt free!… hour 1 min ago
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European households have reduced their paper usage and buy recycled instead, saving 1.5 trees per person per year!… day 1 hour ago
Here's what a wrap installer had to say about our new VisiFlex™ technology. day 23 hours ago
Happy Friday! #FF -1 day 23 hours ago
ADF granted $5K to help rescued children in the Dominican Republic. #socialgood days 1 min ago
Buy a coffee mug to avoid the waste caused by throwing away the paper or Styrofoam. #ADSustainableSept days 1 hour ago
RT : Molly Waters brings 18 years of experience in #vehiclewraps to the judges panel at !… days 39 sec ago
Did you know our first automated label dispensers enabled labeled goods to keep pace with the modern assembly line?… days 3 min ago
Tune up your car and raise your car’s fuel efficiency and save on gas. #ADSustainableSept days 1 hour ago
reveals the R&D that led to the creation of ostomy bag barrier films. days 23 hours ago
Learn more about how our film technology advances our portfolio. days 3 min ago
Shut down your engine - idling your car burns more gas than it takes to restart it. #ADSustainableSept days 1 hour ago

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